Project Volunteer Day Changes the Landscape at WellLife Network

Special thanks to Thomas J. Grech, President, and CEO, Queens Chamber of Commerce, and his fifteen industrious volunteers. They transformed the WellLife's Maspeth residence into a beautiful retreat. The results were amazing!


107 Corporate and Staff Volunteers Change the Landscape at Homes and Facilities across New York and Long Island


“This is such a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community," exclaimed Patrick Solberg, CFA, Associate, HSBC, and President of WellLife's Associate Board. He was one of the 107 volunteers who gathered at 18 locations across New York City and Long Island to lend a hand to WellLife Network’s Project Volunteer Day on May 21. These energetic volunteers are accountants, managers, financial experts, sales reps, counselors, caseworkers, administrative assistants, and more. They are people who wanted to give back and gave freely of their time and some muscle power.

The volunteers had one common goal – to beautify the residences and facilities of WellLife Network through enhancing the landscape by planting flowers and vegetable gardens.


Sherry Tucker, CEO, WellLife Network, and the industrious staff of our Maspeth residence transformed an ordinary backyard into an awesome garden paradise! The staff remembered residents who have passed away with specially carved stones gracing two of the planters.


Corporate and Staff Volunteers Made the Difference


It was a sun-drenched day as our Well Life volunteers mulched, weeded, tilled the soil, planted hundreds of perennials, and spread an impressive 13,000 pounds of mulch at residences for individuals with special needs and mental health challenges! The results were amazing, and their efforts enhanced the agency’s residential sites and neighborhoods with 15 new vegetable gardens and 13 new raised beds.


We especially want to thank 15 special volunteers from The Queens Chamber of Commerce who gave selflessly of their time and energy and to Thomas J. Grech, President & Chief Executive Officer, who visited our Maspeth residence to greet and thank his volunteers. We also wish to thank Joanne Persad, Chief of Operations, Queens Chamber of Commerce, who organized the volunteers for WellLife. 


A special shout out to Emerald Lawn Care Services, Inc. who prepared the beds and manicured bushes and vegetation at several homes.


New annuals at the front entrance of our Beech Avenue residence in Flushing are beautiful and transform this WellLife home into a "standout" on the block.




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