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WellLife Network is one of the region’s largest nonprofit health and human services organizations, with 1700+ employees in more than 100 locations throughout the New York and Long Island.


A career at WellLife Network can be very rewarding. The knowledge that your efforts make a difference in the lives of more than 25,000 individuals each year makes WellLife Network the ideal setting to put your talents to work.


WellLife Network offers a diverse range of career opportunities, competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and the opportunity to work for a  well-regarded organization in New York State. Through our broad array of health and human services, WellLife Network offers positions in the fields of Behavioral Health, Disabilities, Housing, Youth and Family Services, Addiction Recovery, Care Management, Vocational and Administrative Services.


WellLife Network provides employees with a diverse range of health and welfare, leave and time-off, continuing education, professional development, and retirement benefit matching programs, to ensure market competitiveness, and be responsive to employees’ needs. For more information, see our Benefits page.


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