Meet WellLife Network's Master Chef Superhero

Jacqueline Pineda Creates Savory Dishes for Our Residents

It smells delicious, helps to soothe irritated nerves, and cures the monotony of home isolation and social distancing. Cooking is therapy, whether it adds a few pounds or not, it is an effective way to help the residents of our I/DD homes relax and enjoy a wonderfully hearty and nutritious meal.

That is what Jacqueline Pineda has discovered as the Residence Manager at WellLife Network's Glendale IRA, Hill Street 1 IRA, and Hill Street 2 Supportive IRA. Once a week, Jacqueline cooks up a storm of traditional Guatemalan food. This week she cooked Bistec Encebollado, Papa Majada, Spagety con Queso, Ensalada de Tomate, Pepino y Lechuga (steak and onions, mashed potatoes, cheese pasta, and salad). This is a time consuming task, but her dishes are created with love for each resident she nourishes.

A Dedicated Staff Member Offers a Buffet of Dishes Made with Love

Jacqueline's cooking is a destresser for all. It provides a creative outlet for Jacqueline and offers a sensory experience for the residents with aroma, taste, touch, and visual delight. "Jacqueline is one of the most dedicated staff members at WellLife Network. Her impulse for assisting our residents feel valued and empowered is her life's passion," remarked Hans Turenne, Program Director, DD Services.

Jacqueline Pineda cooks traditional Guatamalan dishes for WellLife residents.

Jacqueline's responsibilities do not end with cooking delicious dishes. She also thinks of various projects to keep the residents involved in meaningful educational activities during this pandemic. Her passion for creatively serving our most vulnerable populations makes her the perfect candidate to be designated as a WellLife Superhero. 

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