It's difficult to be diagnosed with a serious emotional disturbance. It is even more difficult when it is your child who has been diagnosed with this disease. When a child is living with a serious mental illness, the whole family may be affected. Parents sometimes feel shame, anger and very often despair.

Serious mental illness is not the result of bad parenting and is very often biological in nature. Keeping open lines of communication amongst all family members is vital for a healthy family unit. WellLife Network has helped thousands of families regain their sense of unity for more than four decades.

How We Help Families and Children

The goal of WellLife Network Family and Children’s Community-Based Programs is to assist children and youth with serious social, emotional and/or behavioral challenges in developing coping skills, become more resistant to crisis and gain greater independence through a continuum of services. These services include: care coordination, crisis intervention, skill building, family education and support and respite care. These services have the goal of helping children and adolescents cope with life’s challenges and assist their families in supporting them.

Community-based Programs offered:

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