Suicide Is Everyone's Business

WellLife Network Recognizes
National Suicide Prevention Week
September 6-12, 2020


Suicide Prevention is everyone’s business and the designated week this month is a unique opportunity for every individual and organization to bring awareness to this life-saving mission. Nationally as well as the local level we are asked to consider the MESSAGE that we are all in it together and are partners in preventing the TRAGIC LOSS of LIVES which also affects as survivors so many in our communities.


Many resources are available to you and your organization in the form of public information and education material that can be publicized on your websites, at your physical locations, and otherwise electronically. The wealth of information awaits your interest for distribution. Trainings are also available to be scheduled. Become part of the WellLife Network Team in this mission. We invite your input and participation by contacting us for the many ways that you and your organization can make a difference in PREVENTING SUICIDES.


For further information and discussion regarding how you can make a difference please contact:

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