WellLife Network Shows Resiliency in the Face of Adversity

Since our inception, WellLife Network has been a beacon of hope for New Yorkers in need, empowering individuals and families with diverse needs to realize their full potential for achieving independence, health, and wellness. As we reflect of on the events of 2020, two things are clear: 1) Our team of dedicated, resourceful, and compassionate individuals is capable of overcoming any challenge that confronts them; and 2) Our programs have never been more important to the people we serve.


WellLife Network emerged from 2020 stronger and better equipped to achieve its mission. The dedication of our team has allowed us to respond to dire straits that people in our communities are facing. Highlights of our impact include:


  • 1,175 New Yorkers were supported in maintaining a warm, nurturing environment to call home who through WellLife Network Behavioral Health Residential Services.
  • 707 individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities received residential, family support, day and community habilitation and entitlement and eligibility services.
  • 454 families coping with children with serious mental health issues were strengthened and moved from crisis to stability.
  • 5,500 packages of food where provide to individuals and families affected by COVID.


These numbers are only part of the story. In addition to the thousands of lives we directly touch, the impact of our work is felt by their family, friends, and the communities at large. Now, as we enter year two of a global pandemic, the people we serve need us more than ever.


Turning the Corner on COVID-19


It is a new year, and hope is on the horizon. The advent of two highly effective COVID vaccines brings promise of turning the tides on this life-altering virus. With the flood of conflicting information, however, anxiety about the vaccine is unavoidable.

Acceptance of vaccines is our first step toward putting the devastation of COVID-19 behind us and getting on path toward recovery. We understand that this is an uphill battle for many, and are committed to being a leader in dispelling myths and helping our community better understand that true nature of this vaccine. It is only through open and honest communication that our staff and clients will be able to make an informed decision, based on fact, about taking the vaccine.


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