WellLife Network Super Heroes - A Hobby Saves Lives

Sylvia Trotman Turns Hobby into Fashions for a Well Life 

It is said that Sylvia Trotman runs a very tight ship. There is no shilly-shallying in her residence. It's one of the best-run residences at WellLife Network. She supervises with a strong arm, a heart of gold, and a creative mindset in bringing new and exciting activities to her residents.

Sylvia Trotman, Program Director, busily crochets some two dozen masks for her residents.

The Garden's Mask-Making Project

Sylvia is the Program Director of WellLife Network's Far Rockaway Gardens Residence. She has many hobbies and talents, her favorite is crocheting. Sylvia can crochet up a storm of beautiful sweaters, booties, or blankets. So she and her coworkers decided to create masks for all of the residents at the Gardens. She called it the Mask Making Project

(L-R) Far Rockaway Gardens staff, Oluwaseun Sonde, Direct Service Professional and Pauline Wright, Case Manager apply their sewing talents to complete the masks.

A Group Project Becomes a Lifesaving Art

Soon, other staff members approached Sylvia with offers of help. Leslie Wilkins, Case Manager offered outstanding assistance with the project. A hobby was soon to become a mission of creating life-saving masks. The residents at first were reluctant to wear them, and that's when the team became creative and crocheted custom masks that fit the personality of each resident. The team then added fabric to the masks for an extra layer of protection. Soon everyone was proudly wearing one of Ms. Sylvia's masks. The residents also learned about social distancing. Sylvia and her staff hope that these crocheted treasures will help to save lives.

Thank you Sylvia for applying your talents and hobbies to bring safety and wellness to the people we serve. You are truly a WellLife Superhero!

Charles, a Far Rockaway resident proudly wearing one of Ms. Sylvia's masks.

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