For New Yorkers faced with mental health challenges, intellectual disabilities and addiction, health and human service agencies continue to seek out viable solutions that impact individuals and communities both in meaningful and lasting ways.


Since 1980, PSCH has led the industry in their pursuit of wellness, recovery and independence for those in the community.


Today, that commitment continues with the launch of WellLife Network–one of the region’s largest nonprofits dedicated to the wellness of New Yorkers faced with disabilities, mental health challenges and addiction.


For more than 80 years, WellLife Network, formerly known as PSCH/Pederson Krag, has been an integral part of the New York City and Long Island community, providing hundreds of critical support services to more than 25,000 individuals and families each year.  Our multidisciplinary approach and centralized referral process ensures each individual we serve receives the right services and the right level of care, with an individual treatment plan guided by principles of wellness, safety and recovery.


Today, WellLife Network extends to more than 300 locations throughout all 5 boroughs and Long Island. Our dedicated team of more than 1,800 staff, volunteers, interns and consultants deliver around the clock care to New York’s most vulnerable citizens and leading-edge trainings and workshops for leaders, educators, families, students and clinical and non-clinical staff in the local community.


Whether you are directly impacted by a disability, mental health challenge or addiction, an advocate or a professional committed to your continued education and professional growth, WellLife Network is here for you.


For help and a free consultation, please call (866) 727-WELL.


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At WellLife Network, we believe you have the right to wellness.


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