Day Habilitation programs are offered to individuals who live in residential settings as well as by themselves or with family. These programs include purposeful and meaningful activities and are designed to foster the acquisition of living skills, appropriate behavior, greater independence and personal choice. WellLife Network also provides transportation door-to-door for those unable to use public transportation.

The primary goal is to assist each person in achieving maximum independence. Individuals are evaluated and provided with the specific skills training needed, ranging from personal grooming and meal preparation to housekeeping, support for independence in travel, transportation and development of social skills, leisure skills, self-advocacy, informed choice skills, and more.

Our services are offered in Brooklyn and Queens and include a wide network of services and skills training areas, including:

  • Daily living skills
  • Community outings (to find resources to achieve consumer’s objectives)
  • Vocational training
  • Employment opportunities
  • Recreation
  • Choices regarding personal goals

Day Habilitation Without Walls

Day Habilitation Without Walls offers participants the ability to integrate into their local community through various daily planned events. These person-centered activities are based on the wants and needs of the individual and their family. Participants develop social, interpersonal, communication, work and problem solving skills. These community-based life skills are achieved through volunteer work, peer activities, physical exercise, travel planning, participation in art and cultural activities, learning money management skills and more.

Participants of The WellLife Network’s Day Habilitation program receive other support services assistance with equipment and other therapies. These may include:

• Adaptive equipment, assistive technology and home modifications

• Nursing services

• Assistance with medication administration (walled programs only)

• Behavioral services and therapy


For more information of how we can assist you with day habilitation, entitlements, or residential services, contact:

WellLife Network Family Support Services

Tel. 718.559.0544

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